Vanaja Hospital & Diabetic center

About Us

Dr. Jeevan Reddy

Hospital Head

Who We Are

Vanaja Hospital is located in Sainathpuram, Dr A.S.Rao Nagar, Secunderabad. A multi-specialty hospital that offers 24x7 emergency and surgical services. The all-under-one-roof approach of the hospital makes it the most endearing provider of healthcare services for the people of the region. With a state of art Operation Theatre, 3 specialists and 11 consulting doctors, trained nurses, 35 well-equipped rooms and round the clock Lab services, Vanaja Hospital is the name one can reckon with.

The founders of Vanaja Hospital have always focused on the two values of compassionate care and affordability. The core idea is to bring latest and innovative healthcare facilities and make them greatly accessible to the common man. The all-under-one-roof approach means to bring latest diagnosis techniques, medical and surgical treatment and pharmacy at one place.

Safe and Effective Clinical Outcomes

Though the focus of Vanaja Hospital has been on Advanced Diabetic Care, there are also specialist doctors for 11 major specialties - General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, Urology, Orthopedics, Neurology, ENT, Pulmonology, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery. Our Pathology Lab provides the best Diagnostic and Imaging Services at low cost with high quality reports.

We are compassionate and sensitive to understand each patient’s suffering. Upholding this is our doctors' willingness to help and to work for the well-being of the person who needs immediate or long-term medical attention. We give considerable time to each patient, treat them with dignity, and work in accordance with their best interests to demonstrate care in medical practice.

As the health care costs continue to increase, there is an adverse effect on patient's ability to pay and the hospital's continuity at offering quality health care services. Significantly, we adopt a 3-pronged strategy to make our healthcare services greatly affordable. Funds from philanthropists, social businesses, and the government schemes are pooled with part of the healthcare costs shared by individual patient and outside agencies.

Advantage of VANAJA


Vanaja Hospital offers patient-centered care. We aim to empower the patients through better and quality medical and surgical treatments.

  • We meet the immediate and long-term healthcare needs of patients and families for better and quality outcomes
  • We use optimally both material and staff resources so that the patients gain by cost savings
  • We work towards improving doctors and staff relationships, and achieve enhanced patient-caretaker interactions.
  • We focus on improved employee satisfaction and retention. By improved retention we could retain high-quality staff, less training costs and decreased expenses due to inefficient work
  • We maintain total transparency in the treatments provided, billing and discharge Information
  • We have put in place the state of art medical and diagnostic facilities
  • We are equally compassionate and professional in giving care which means to achieve happier and more satisfied patients and families