Vanaja Hospital & Diabetic center

General Physician & Diabetology


Change in the lifestyle is the major cause for Type 2 Diabetes

Our General Physician and Diabetologist services cater to the health needs of majority of the patients. Adults, children and the aged find the General Physician to be greatly accessible, and taken as the most reliable and first medical point of contact. These come under the outpatient services, and from here all the serious and critical cases are referred to the specialist doctors.

General Physician and Diabetologist are concerned with providing non-surgical care to patients. Significantly, the general physician and diabetologist assess the health conditions, diagnoses them, and offers medication and preventive care. The diabetologist is concerned with suggesting lifestyle changes, medication and diagnosis. The focus of our General Physician and Diabetologist is to administer treatments and thereby enable the body to self-heal. Our General Physician achieves better healthcare services by visiting homes of the bed-ridden and the aged.